How to start a WordPress Blog in 2021 – Proper Step By Step Guide

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How to start a WordPress Blog on Bluehost in 2020

How to start a blog from scratch for beginners in 2020. Whether you are a newbie at technology or have no experience at blog starting then, this blog “How to start a WordPress Blog on Bluehost in 2020” will be perfect for you.

The Great thing about this article or you can say a blog is, it’s extremely easy to follow along with, even if you have no experience in starting a blog by following these steps.

You will have your blog set up in as little as 20 minutes. But, you have to read this article carefully and you will have your blog successfully started. I’m going to be providing you with a bunch of helpful resources that will help you in starting your blog journey.

how to start a wordpress blog VS

Everybody in the beginning confused between and It is very simple and easy to understand the difference.

  • host your blog as a subdomain which means URL will look like “”.
  • You will notice that it has no plug-in access and a very limited amount of themes or templates to work with. Why this is important? because you want to have a lot of choices in the theme to use and choose the perfect theme or template for your website.
  • Firstly, it does have a free version but it comes with a Sub-Domain URL. Secondly, it also displays annoying ads on your website that you can’t remove unless you want to upgrade and pay the $99 per year. Even with that upgrade you still have limitations on plugins and themes.

  • allows you to use it on a hosting provider and have a quick install rate from the hosting provider. You never even have to go to to get set up and it won’t have a subdomain. It will just be a normal domain name like “”.
  • It has thousands of free templates and it also actually comes with paid premium themes as well that you can purchase and you cannot do this through
  • Also, you can use plugins. Plugins are extremely important for WordPress websites because it gives it more functionality and more power to the website.
  • It allows you to also customize and monetize your websites more easily, overall it just gives you a lot more control.
  • In this, you can start your WordPress blog for as little as of about $12 for WordPress. And that’s where the hosting providers cost and it comes with a 45-day money-back guarantee. And, you can plan anytime you want.

How to choose a Domain for WordPress Blog on Bluehost:

The first thing you want to do is head on over to a web hosting called “Bluehost“. Bluehost is will be getting a free domain name and up to 63 percent off web hosting. Bluehost powers over two million websites worldwide and more than 500,000 blogs around the world. It is also recommended by WordPress themselves since 2005.

They instantly install WordPress for you which you can start a WordPress blog on Bluehost that much easier. They provide 24/7 support via chat email and phone and they have a 30-day money-back guarantee. If for any reason you are unhappy you can cancel and get a refund no questions asked within the first thirty days. It is much easier to start a WordPress blog on Bluehost.

Once you click the link you’ll be at the Bluehost home page. You’ll see the “Get Started” button on the page, click the button and this is where you can select your hosting plan.

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Bluehost login

Choose your Hosting Plan:

As you can see there are 3 different options you’ll see a Basic plan, a Plus plan, and a Prime plan. I recommend going with the “Basic Plan” and then you can always scale up whenever you like. If you have more than one website then you want to choose either the plus plan or prime plan.
As this is most common go ahead and hit the select button on whichever plan you would like to use.

Wordpress blog hosting plans

Set up your Domain:

We are now brought to a domain page where we can choose a domain name that we want completely free or if you already have a domain name enter it.
In over on the right for the new domain, you can select if you want to be a “.com”, “.net”, “.org” etc.
“.com” is the most popular domain extensions so I’d recommend going with a “.com”.
Type in a domain here and click the next button.

Wordpress blog domain

Put your Information:

And you were now brought to a “create your account” page, this is where you will input your information. We have the first name, last name, but, the business name is optional, your country address information, your phone number, and lastly the best email for you as you’ll get emailed a receipt of payment and a copy of your login credentials, etc., or you can “Sign up with Google”.

Bluehost login information

Choose your Package:

Below that you will see package information. You’ll see a count plan. This is where you can select the term for the hosting package you have 12 months, 24 months, 36 months, and 60 months.

bluehost duration package

The setup fee is free. Moreover, an SSL Certificate is also free. This SSL feature is a free SSL certificate that makes your WordPress blog secure with the Lock Sign and with the HTTPS domain privacy is an add-on. It will prevent telemarketers and marketers from getting a hold of your personal contact information and bugging you with their services.

Package Extras (Optional):

The domain privacy will shell Bluehost information for the site and not yours. Site Lock Security Fine is security for your WordPress blog or website and protects it from hackers. Code Guard creates daily backups and allows you to restore your site with a click of a button, in case something happens. There are free alternatives that work just the same SEO tools.

You can keep unselected this, the add-on will submit your site to the search engines and provide a report on your site ranking in keyword ranking.

package optional

You can do for free, this isn’t necessary to have all these. Add-ons are completely optional and up to you to get as you can see, you’re saving a lot for this hosting package.

Put your Payment Information:

Below that you will input your payment information. Once your information is filled in, you have to select the “I’ve read and agree to Bluehost Privacy Policy and Terms of Service”.

Now click the submit button and this will brought to another page, where you would choose a password for your Bluehost account click to “create your password” button and put any password you would like. Then, click “I have read and agree to Bluehost privacy policy and terms and conditions” and click the next button.

bluehost privacy

You will now be directed to a success page. Click the blue login button to log in to Bluehost. Bluehost is also going to at this time email your dashboard login information to the email address you provided.

Now, you can start your first WordPress blog on Bluehost,

You’ll be at the page here stating all done and click the button that says start building to start building your WordPress blog on Bluehost. Once you click that “log in” you will be at the WordPress dashboard. This is what the WordPress blog dashboard looks like.

start your wordpress blog


You can see this page where you will see:

  • Blog posts where you can add new blog posts.
  • You can see where you can add new pages to your blog.
  • If you want to change your navigation menus you can do it very easily.
  • Posts are where you can add new posts.

wordpress blog posts

  • Pages are where you can add new pages.
  • The Media tab is where your images will show that you upload to your blog.
  • Comments are where you can view comments people leave on your blog.
  • Plugins are where you can install plugins for your blog. Almost any customization that you would want more than likely, there’s a plug-in already made. This plugin helps you to boost your search engine ranking and traffic also.

wordpress blog plugin

  • Appearance is where you can change the look of your theme or change your theme to another one. When you click “appearance” it will showcase free WordPress themes that you can choose from.

wordpress blog themes


How to write your first WordPress blog post:

  • Here you can see, there’s a block in which you can write a WordPress blog post title. You have to write your blog title related to your topic. And below that, you can write your article. You can use the “Classic Editor” plugin to write your article in a much easier way, like this kind of interface.

wordpress blog title

  • With the use of this “Add Media” button, you can add images or videos to make your article more informative. And your visitors or readers will easily understand your article.

wordpress blog media

  • With the use of this editor, you can edit your blog very easily and effectively. Here, you can use different features like Converting text into Bold or Italic Including Bullet points or numbers, inserting a link, and many more.

wordpress blog editor

  • In this below, you can see the section of “Categories”. By this, you can add your article in any category. My Niche is about giving tips about Blogging and Make Money Online. That’s why my categories are related to that. As you can make categories related to your niche.

wordpress blog categories

  • In the “Publish” section, you’ll see “Save Draft” by this you can save your article and when you come back again, you can continue your work from where you had left.
  • By this “Preview” button, you can see anytime that how your article looks like on your website. Moreover, you can do this multiple times.
  • You can see “Readability” and “SEO”, this comes when you install the “Yoast” plugin. This Plugin is very useful for Search Engine Optimization. In other words, this will boost your Google Rankings. When they both turn color Green, this means that your article is SEO friendly. Above all, the Yoast plugin is the best plugin for SEO.

wordpress blog publish

How to write a Perfect Article for your WordPress Blog:

start your wordpress blog

So, here are some of the things that you need to know if you wanna write amazing and awesome blog posts.

1. A Conversational Tone:

If you’re writing with words like “You” and “I,” you’re creating a conversation with the reader, for example, “You have to take the step”. Similarly, they’ll feel a connection with you, they’re more likely to engage, and your content’s gonna come out way better.

2. Perfect Headline:

Eight out of 10 people will read your headline, but only two out of 10 will click through and read the rest. If your headline sucks, no one’s gonna read your content, and then, even if you wrote amazing posts, no one’s gonna know about it.

3. Proper Explanation:

Your post is the one that teaches, goes above and beyond where someone reads it and is like, “This content is amazing. I understand it very well”. You want something that educates and is actual, where people read it and find it useful. And, they might like to come again to visit your website.

4. Up-to-Date Content:

Write up-to-date content, in other words trendy. People don’t wanna read regurgitated information. Sure, you don’t have to leverage the latest trend, but write new stuff. Don’t write stuff that’s 10 years old. That may have been amazing 10 years from now, but people have moved on, technology, the time has changed. Make sure your content is up-to-date.

5. Use Media:

You should use different media formats, from images to infographics, to videos. Not everyone is text-based readers. Your blog posts don’t just have to be filled with text. Include images or infographics that tell your story or videos that help get your message across. Include audio clips. By doing all of this, it’ll make your content more amazing.

In Conclusion, it’s up to you. Now, you have to take the step to start your WordPress blog journey. Every work takes effort and time. If you are passionate about Blogging then, this is for you.
And tell me in the comments, Was this article helpful?







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