How to Make Money Online for Beginners – Totally $0 (NO Investment)

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3 Steps – How to Make Money Online for Beginners with No Investment:

Has anyone ever told you that if you have no money, your pockets are empty? That you can’t start a business?
If so go ahead. I’m going to explain to you “How to Make Money Online for beginners” that can generate six or even seven figures with zero money down. I’m going to show step by step.

how to make money online for beginners

Step-1: DM your Friends & Followers about the Service:

This is simply going and leverage your social media accounts. I know this may sound basic but, the first step is going start messaging your Facebook friends or your Instagram followers, who are interested or would be interested, and if you’re thinking, What service do I sell?

This isn’t as hard as you think. Sell something you’re good at. Like you can sell Courses, Ebook, or any Affiliate Services or Product. Even you can sell your own product.

So the first step would be to start messaging people inside your social media accounts and simply turning them into phone calls for clients.

make money online with no investment

Step-2: Getting Comfortable with the Customers:

The second thing is to get comfortable with sales. Start learning how to get on the phone and close people on the phone. This was the most important skill you’ve ever learned because it will help you in future projects.

Just putting them on a phone call, they got comfortable with you. They could hear your voice. And they could say, it wasn’t a scam. So, you are able to finalize the deal right on the phone.

So you’re taking something that’s very hard to sell to now very easy to sell simply by transitioning from a message to closing on the phone call.

social media marketing

Step-3: Scale Up your Business:

Once you have done that and you’ve made a sale to many people. Let’s say you sold it for $1500 or $1000. Now, you can actually take the money you just made.

Put it into Facebook ads or Instagram ads and start growing your business even faster, which is exactly what you can do to scale up your business.

Let summarize it all,

Message your followers on Instagram or Facebook. Start messaging them and set them up on phone calls.

Then, close them over the phone.

Practice it, it is very important, and finally then once you have that the money you can start running ads.

business startups

In Conclusion,

Every business takes time and patience. If you are being to start, then it will take more time. So, make your good step as soon as possible. You have to start up your business to make it successful.

And if you have any queries about this topic “How to Make Money Online for Beginners”.
Leave a comment below.
I’m always here to help you.

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