8 Best WordPress Plugins for Blogs in 2021

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WordPress made it clean for every person to create a website or a WordPress Blog. It’s clean to use, it’s fast, it doesn’t require a variety of technical knowledge. Heck, even a person like me who’s now no longer a developer can do such things as Search Engine Optimization and regulate WordPress with a breeze. I’m gonna cover the top 8 Best WordPress Plugins for Blogs in 2020, in order to improve your rankings and traffic. Some of the maximum essential elements that Google seems into if you want to rank your web page are a number of the following, person experience, on-webpage search engine optimization, web page speed, mobile-friendliness, inner hyperlink structure, based markups, all these items affect your ranking, and there are loads of different elements. There are over 2 hundred elements that Google consists of their algorithm, and nowadays.

I’m gonna proportion with the plugin that’ll assist you to do all of these items, plus more, in a clear clean, and managed way.

best plugins for wordpress blogs

8 Best WordPress Plugins for Blogs:

1. Yoast SEO :

Everybody withinside the Blog Industry had heard already this plugin. It does the whole thing from on-web page optimization, controlling your meta tags, your name tags. And even analyzes your content material, telling you in case you’re doing a very good process or a horrific process. It creates sitemaps for you, facilitates with shape and markup. It does quite lots of what maximum matters which you want in case you need to make certain that your WordPress blog is SEO-friendly. Now look, WordPress out of the field is quite SEO-friendly, however, this plugin places the ones last, very last touches which might be truly important.

2. W3 Total Cache :

Look, load time is super important, specifically due to the fact humans are the usage of mobiles now. It guarantees that your website will load as rapidly as you probably can. It’ll improve load times. It’ll assist you to connect to CDNs, it makes higher use of your server assets in order that manner your server doesn’t must hold to push the identical content material time and again again. Instead, it caches it so, it may supply it to the consumer as quickly as possible.

3. Smush :

It is an Image Compression plugin. The Smush Image Compression plugin, what this does is ensures that your images still look really good and quality, so that way when someone looks at them they don’t look all pixelated and fuzzy, they still look really sharp, but this decreases the size of the image in which I’m talking about the server size, right, that hard drive space that it’s taking up, so when people ping your site it loads much faster.

4. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) :

This helps with mobile users. If you want to rank really high you want to get in on Google High Rankings, you want to make sure that your site has the AMP framework. In other words, your articles loads really fast, Google just posts it on their end. It helps you to boost your mobile page rankings.

seo plugins for wordpress

5. Link Whisper :

Link Whisper plugin starts recommending applicable internal links when you start composing your article directly inside the WordPress editor. It depends upon what number of articles you have on your site and the significance of your current article. Link Whisper will propose progressively internal links from the substance you are editing.

6. All In One Schema Rich Snippets :

If you want to improve your search visibility by sharing rich snippets between the page title, you gotta use this plugin. It’s great, it’s simple to use, it is one of the best things that I’ve done out there. Now, with schema markup what you’ll find is some people are like, “Yeah, we’re gonna use “all this schema markup and use all these tags “even though our site isn’t relevant “to the specific schema markups.” You don’t want to do that. That’ll irritate Google and it’ll hurt you in the long run, so when you’re using this be nice and kind.

7. Sucuri :

If your website gets hacked, your rankings and traffic will tank, and when it tanks and you fix it and it’s hard to recover. Sucuri helps you from getting hacked. Now, it’s not gonna be perfect, but it’s better than nothing. I’ve seen this time and time again, someone gets hacked and they figure it out after a week or two, their rankings tank, they fixed it, and they don’t recover in 30 days. Eventually, they recover, sometimes it takes two months, sometimes three months, if they’re lucky it happens quickly. It prevents you from getting your website hacked.

8. Really Simple SSL :

90% of websites that rank at the top have SSL installed. It’s pretty much become a prerequisite if you want to rank well, so use the SSL. Now, it doesn’t have to be through this plugin. Maybe your host provides it maybe your domain provider provides it, whatever it may be you want a secure site, and what you’ll find is some browsers even notify users, saying “Your Connection to this site isn’t secure,” and that’ll cause people to bounce back, get away from your site, and over time that could decrease your rankings. You want to make sure you have SSL, it’s that important.

8 best plugins for wordpress blogs

So, use these 8 Best WordPress Plugins for Blogs, you’ll find that your rankings will start going up over time, especially if you haven’t used any of them, but when you start combining all of them it does help quite a bit.
If you have any questions leave a comment below. Let me know what your question is about WordPress or these plugins and I’ll answer it.

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